Welcome to the world of Narangs Academy a place which gives you a truly refined learning experience.

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  School Section : STD VIII , STD IX , STD X(SSC)
  Junior College Section : STD XI & STD XII (Commerce)

We believe.

Education is learning, not mugging
Education is understanding, not spoon feeding
Education is a process, not the few hours before exams
Education is applicable in the practical world, not acquiring bookish knowledge.

From time immemorial, on joining a normal coaching class, you have been provided with Dreary teachers
Overstuffed Classrooms
Substandard Facilities
And a dull atmosphere
Elsewhere, there is always a wide gap between expectations and achievements because you have been taken for granted.

Thus, not only do we want to redefine academics; we also want to redefine the learning experience by providing you up-to-the-mark facilities which benefit your status and create a wonderful atmosphere with a higher comfort level; so that learning can be truly fun.

Evolved Learning for Commerce
Expert Faculty: Narang's Academy boasts of more than 200 highly qualified professors. Every professor is committed to the purpose of seeing the students succeed in his objective. He/she takes personal interest in the progress of every student, helping them to reach their potential. Narang's faculty gives every student an unparalleled advantage.

Parent Teacher Meeting: PTMs are conducted twice a year to ensure that parents know about the progress of their wards, and advice on how they can improve their performance. Through the PTMs, parents can also have all the required information regarding the coaching program.

Interactive and engaging game-exercises
Learning by doing is the modern mantra for education. Evolved Learning comprises of interesting activities and riddles to assimilate and reinforce lessons.

Expert tips and workshops
Students often need some important tips before examination and such tips play a role of ‘guru mantra’. Narang's conducts workshops of experts who not only guide students but also give them tips to improve their scores.

Shortcut techniques to solve tricky numericals
Easy techniques to solve tricky and time-consuming numerical, and ensure proper time management.

Co-relating accountancy with practical life
Practical application of theories and numericals is the best way to study, remember and recall. Accountancy becomes easy and interesting when relating the relating the concepts to everyday life.

Completion of course: The coaching given to students is based on the exam pattern. A methodical and systematic approach ensures that the syllabus is completed well before the final exams allowing ample time for revision and tests.

Real-time Test Series: Students are given an authentic feel of the final examination in the form of Test Series. These are conducted for all subjects, helping the students with their preparation and the subsequent feedback allows them to understand the level of their preparedness.