Every journey starts with a step. Narangs academy started its journey 26 years ago. We took our first step towards imparting education with a handful of apprehensive students who today are posted on the professional chairs of the society.
Narangs academy grew by number, strength, results each year. We proudly proclaim in our 27th year that no one could make education as interesting as we could.

Our strength and plus point in school section is that we don’t discriminate between tha ranker and non-ranker as we believe hard work and love for knowledge creates a genius. In our college section the number of problems / sums that we solve inside the classroom provides every child with the arms and ammunition to fight his examination.

Narang’s academy “stands tall amongst all” as we have not commercialised education.

We strongly follow the three tier system of education :
1) Textbook is the mother of all publication.
2) Parents + Teachers + Students = Success.
3) Motivation and spirit to excel leads to excellence.

Our team of Narang’s academy is always monitored, as we understand that poor seeds yield poor crops, thus our complete teams of 22 teachers are qualified and experienced in their respective subjects.
With the changing times student counseling has taken a centre stage which is done as and when required for overall development of the child. Every parent want his child to be unique and so for us each student is challenge.

Director : Prof. Ashwin Narang
Principal: Mrs. Simran Narang